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               Venue Consulting

Southern Charm Events offers Consulting Services for future or current venue owners. Starting a venue takes a lot of research and planning. It can be frustrating and intimidating not knowing where to begin. We can help you with every phase of your venture. Whether you are building your venue or buying an existing structure, we can offer our consulting services.


Southern Charm Consulting can assist you with contracts and rules to consider once you have your venue up and running. There is so much to think about owning a venue and we are here to help make things much easier for you. Whether you are planning to host weddings, corporate events or any occasion, we offer assistance with your vision.



Owning a venue is exciting and rewarding and we want you to experience this wonderful world of events. It requires hard work and dedication to be successful as with any business but knowing what to expect will make for a better experience. We are here to work with you to help make the adventure you will be embarking upon a positive one.

Southern Charm Events offers a 30 Minute Complimentary Consultation. We can meet in person at Southern Charm Events or speak on the phone. Consultation is offered strictly in the United States. 

Reach us by Phone 803-329-7143, Email or use the "Contact Us" tab.

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